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Can’t do this

24 February, 2013

I can’t keep going on like this.

Every Sunday it’s the same damn cycle.

Church, where everyone is happy, smiley and fully functional and then home where my heart shatters to a million pieces.

Hubby had been out doing rescue all weekend. He got home when I was out. Does he get dinner on for me? No. Does he clear the counters? Half, as he’s put the largest stuff in the dishwasher cos he’s too bloody lazy to stand over the sink for 10 minutes. Did he wipe the counters? No. They were a mess.

I’m fighting my fury rising at him. He’s on his laptop supposedly doing an article. There’s always a damned article!

Does he prioritise family? Of course not!

I’m just over it! So bloody over this. My eldest is making dinner. My middlest is standing in the kitchen making fruit toast and eating it.

I’ve left before I say something or do something I’ll regret (or not).

I need some breathing space.

I’m so disappointed in myself for not being able to care for my family. My kids don’t blame me though (my daughter just came up and told me and gave me a hug).

:( Feeling glum


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